Melissa Kanarek is the founder of Brass Tack in Laguna Beach. 

She got her start while living in London and studying traditional furniture upholstery. "I love that traditional upholstery is all about what is inside and the steps no one can see once the fabric goes on. It's about the time, care and skill required before it gets in front of the client. It all matters." She emailed Aiveen Daly (a couture London upholsterer) after seeing a bespoke 'Moneypenny' chair in Vogue.  Melissa started as her apprentice and ultimately became Creative Director. "My days were filled with an incredibly colorful clientele, installs , all-nighter workshop deadlines and day trips to Paris and Morocco for sourcing. I learned a ton, perfected my skill and squeezed every drop out of it." 

Upon returning to the States, Melissa opened Brass Tack in Laguna Beach because of its history as an Artist Colony. "I am a long way away from my design roots in England but Laguna Beach is home to an eclectic group of people who 'get it'. I've found that in addition to a fantastic eye,  the people that are drawn to the shop value the story behind the furniture and accessories. How and who makes the things we purchase can add or very much detract from the beauty of the piece."

Brass Tack is a  highly curated combination of US Made, Fair Trade and Vintage goods that embody the philosophy of unique living and homemaking. Its authentic, limited and interesting. The shop and studio are a labor of love, ever changing and full of good finds and great vibes. "We refuse to compromise on style, soul or story. We can't wait to meet you."